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Ddewr Archif APK Lawrlwytho

Bravely Archive APK:

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The Bravely series is now on the mobile app for the first time!
In a parallel world, 100 years after the originalBravelyseries, new and old characters expect classic RPG. The main mechanics of the fight are based on a simple patch input, so the game is open to all users. With conventional swivel battles through simple and easy patch input, users can enjoy tactical gameplay.
Users can also combine powers by joining a guild and defeating more sophisticated raid bosses with their other guild members.


Ddewr Archif APK Lawrlwytho
-Super-easy Flick entering battles
Beat enemies up and down to create longer combos for greater damage
Enjoy light yet tactical battles
Play with friends in guilds
Combine powers with your guild members to beat powerful raid bosses
Dungeon Based Quests
Explore dungeons to find items and beat enemies
Do you want to FACE or Fight your destiny?
The story is about a huge crystal calledArchivethat connects people’s destinies.
Discover the plots behind the 2 opposing organizations, the secrets and the truths behind theArchive” …


A few hundred years ago, the evil dragon Garganthos tried to end humanity,
but was defeated after a long, fierce fight.
Garganthos was hidden in a huge crystal called the Archive.
that controlled and tied the fate of the people.
But one day the archive hit the center of the continent Luxendarc and
the fragments of the archive are scattered all over the world.
An institution called Anastasis Library was founded to collect and study these mysterious crystals.
But another group called Breakers came up to disrupt this effort

Ddewr Archif APK Lawrlwytho

fersiwn: 1.0.0 (10005)
Diweddarwyd ddiwethaf: Hydref 27, 2018
Maint ffeil: 92 mb

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