Chromium પોર્ટેબલ 57.0.2979.0 નિઃશુલ્ક ડાઉનલોડ Windows માટે

ડાઉનલોડ Chromium નું નવીનતમ સંસ્કરણ પોર્ટેબલ 57.0.2979.0 Windows માટે મુક્ત

Chromium પોર્ટેબલ 57.0.2979.0 મફત ડાઉનલોડ કરો: Chromium નું એકલ પોર્ટેબલ આવૃત્તિ 57.0.2979.0 વિન્ડોઝ 32-બીટ અને 64-બીટ માટે. Chromium Portable is the best and most powerful internet browser until now.

Chromium પોર્ટેબલ 57.0.2979.0 સમીક્ષા

As when using the internet, a slow browser is the most irritating thing you will ever face. Chromium is the fastest and a reliable internet browser which provides a wonderful environment for the users to surf the internet without any interruption. It provides a very friendly user interface so that the users can comfortably browse the internet and get most of it. વધુમાં, it is a very lightweight internet browser which does not consume much of your system resources and also does not slow down your computer. This wonderful internet browser is completely customizable. Add extensions, change the default search engine, go incognito and browse the internet with ultimate speed.

Chromium Portable 57.0.2979.0 User Interface_JPG
Chromium પોર્ટેબલ 57.0.2979.0 મફત ડાઉનલોડ કરો

As it is a portable version of chromium browser so you can carry it anywhere with you in any removable storage device. It does not leave any registry traces and directly runs from the executable file. It also uses the translation feature which automatically translates the entire web page into the computer language. Add bookmarks and perform all the operations which are provided by the traditional chromium. વધુમાં, if you don’t like the layout of the browser, you can change it from the available themes.

Features of Chromium Portable 57.0.2979.0

Top most features of Chromium Browser are:

  • Very lightweight and free internet browser
  • Portable version of Chromium browser
  • Change the default search engine
  • Completely customizable environment
  • Choose from the available skins
  • Add extensions to enhance the functionality
  • Manage bookmarks and browser’s history
  • Automatically translate the web pages

Technical Details of Chromium Portable 57.0.2979.0

take a look at the technical details of Chromium Browser before downloader it

  • બધા વિન્ડોઝ પ્રકાશનો સાથે સુસંગત
  • ફાઇલ કદ: 71.2 એમબી
  • રેમ જરૂરી: 128 એમબી
  • પ્રોસેસર: Single Core Processor
  • ડેવલોપર: મુખપૃષ્ઠ

Chromium પોર્ટેબલ 57.0.2979.0 નિઃશુલ્ક ડાઉનલોડ Windows માટે

Chromium પોર્ટેબલ 57.0.2979.0 Free Download by Clicking the below link will start downloader the portable version of Chromium Browser. તે બંને x86 અને x64 આર્કિટેક્ચર સાથે સુસંગત છે. Chromium is the lightweight browser which provides lighting fast browsing experience.