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Lawrlwythwch y fersiwn diweddaraf o Reoli & Conquer: Cystadleuwyr ffeil APK

Command & Conquer Rivals APK Lawrlwytho:Command & Conquer: Rivals is currently under development and playable as a pre-alpha. During pre-alpha players can experience technical problems. The pre-alpha is not representative of the final software *

Command & Conquer Rivals APK Lawrlwytho

Tiberium with Command & Conquer ™: Rivals, a real-time mobile strategy game! Battle your enemy with your commanders of the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. Customize your army with a unique commander, infantry units and vehicles. Conquer opponents in duels and strategically direct your forces to win any victory. In this was, control is power.

Take control of your army:

In Command & Conquer: Rivals, the strategy behind your abilities. Choose a commander to lead your forceseveryone has powerful abilities that can influence your approach and turn the page of battle. Create winning combinations of infantry, tanks, and high-tech giants. Adjust your army to your commander’s unique abilities, then unleash powerful weapons and vehicles in total warfare.

Dominate rivals on the battlefield:

Battle each other in live battles with other players! Decide to fight for the Global Defense Initiative or the Brotherhood of Nod. Complete your supplies and provide your army with valuable supply convoys. Complete daily challenges for massive rewards that will improve your commanders, arfau, and abilities. Build your army with every victory and climb the leaderboards!

Sign up today and receive the Early Bird Bundle, including a Titan unit, diamonds and credits, when Command & Conquer:

Rivals launches worldwide.

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