ConvertXtoDVD ባለብዙ ቋንቋ

Convert avi to DVD and burn DVD with out set up.

Download Portable ConvertXtoDVD 7 የመስመር ላይ (zero.three MB) 06/11/17

Download Portable ConvertXtoDVD 6 የመስመር ላይ (zero.three MB) 23/03/17

Download Portable ConvertXtoDVD 5 የመስመር ላይ (zero.three MB) 08/11/15

Download Portable ConvertXtoDVD 4 የመስመር ላይ (zero.three MB) 21/12/12

ማውጣት and run ConvertXtoDVD*Portable.

Working folder set by consumer. For those who simply burn you possibly can set it in TEMP (deleted when leaving) ጋር WorkingFolder=temp in ConvertXtoDVD*Portable.ini. You too can set it in portable folder with WorkingFolder=portable (the worst on USB key).

Sound occasions language set by launcher in accordance localisation of Home windows : እንግሊዝኛ, ደች, ፈረንሳይኛ, ጀርመንኛ, ጃፓንኛ,ስፓንኛ.

Settings of put in ConvertXtoDVD must be preserved.

%መ እንደዚህ ያሉ ጦማሪያን: