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The Google app retains you in the learn about the stuff you care about. ፈጣን መፍትሄ ያግኙ, የእርስዎን በማሳደድ ያግኙ, and get a feed of updates on what issues to you. The more you utilize the Google app, the higher it will get.

ይፈልጉ እና ያስሱ:
– ሱቆች እና በመብላት ቦታዎች በ ዝጋ
Dwell sports activities scores and schedules
Motion pictures instances, Casts, and critiques
Movies and photos
– መረጃ, inventory information, ሌሎችም
Something you�d discover on the internet

Personalised feed and notifications*:
Begin your morning with climate and information
Get updates on sports activities, ፊልም, and occasions
Monitor the latest inventory market modifications
Get data and updates about your pursuits

ያልተረጋጋ ግንኙነት?
Google will routinely optimize outcomes to enhance loading on dangerous connections
If Google can’t full a Search, you�ll get a notification with the search outcomes when you regain connection

Study more about what the Google app can do for you:
*options may not be out there in all international locations

Google apk file Information

ለይቶ ፋይል:
ሞዴል:ክንድ (300733315)
የተሰቀለ: ሚያዚያ 2, 2017 በ 1:07AM GMT + 00
የፋይል ልኬት: 48.14ሜባ (50,479,808 ባይቶች)
አነስተኛ የ Android ስሪት: የ Android Four.1 + (የ ጄሊ ባቄላ, ኤ ፒ አይ 16)
MD5: 640441dfb333d5dde833397c37adcc43
SHA1: 66341bec54234ac77c6d1abf313cd6eaa56c6ae6

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