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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser APK download we consider the web should not really feel so scary, و حفظ حریم خصوصی است که شما نیاز به کسب نیازهای آنلاین به عنوان ساده به عنوان بسته شدن پرده.

DuckDuckGo به حریم مرورگر APK دانلود
Our app provides the privacy necessities you want to seamlessly manage your private information, search and surf the Web, no matter where the Web takes you:
• Escape Promoting Tracker Networks — Our Privacy ایمنی will block همه ی hidden trackers we will كشف كردن, exposing کلید promoting شبکه های monitoring you over time, to be able to monitor که making an attempt برای ردیابی شما.
بهتر کردن Encryption ایمنی — We pressure وب سایت برای استفاده از an encrypted connection محل در خارج وجود دارد, defending خود را دانش from prying eyes, like ISPs.
• Search Privately — You share your most خصوصی اطلاعات همراه با خود search engine, like your پولی, medical, and political questions. What you جستجو برای است شخصی خود را enterprise, which is why DuckDuckGo search does not monitor شما. همیشه.
• Decode Privacy Insurance PoliciesWe’ve learned not to partner with service phrases to integrate their scores and labels from website phrases of service and personal insurance out there.As you search and browse, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser exhibits you a Privacy Grade ranking هر زمان که شما رفتن به a web site (A-F). این ranking allows you to see how protected you’re در a look, dig into the main points to see who we caught making an attempt برای ردیابی شما, and Learn how we have improved the private interests of the underlying website. The level of privacy is assessed primarily on the basis of the spread of hidden tracker networks, the availability of encryption, and the privacy practices of websites.

Our app offers the usual shopping performance along with tabs, bookmarks and autocomplete. Together with the robust Privacy Safety, as described above, we have additionally packed a Hearth Button, with which you can delete all tabs and your knowledge with a tap.

Too many individuals در نظر گرفتن شما merely نمی توانید anticipate حریم خصوصی در وب. We’re جلوگیری to vary که, and have made it our mission to set نام تجاری جدید customary از belief آنلاین. برپایی DuckDuckGo and take از نو خود را حریم خصوصی!About Us: HTTPS://
سیستم Privacy پیشنهادات: HTTPS://
اضافی Privacy Schooling: HTTPS://
Our Privacy پوشش: HTTPS://

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser by DuckDuckGo

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مدل: 5.7.2 (50702)
نهایی به روز: جولای 22, 2018
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