Go መቆለፊያ 2.01 የ Android ኤፒኬ

Go መቆለፊያ 2.01 የ Android ኤፒኬ – Go የመቆለፊያ መስፋትን አጠቃቀም ለማግኘት 2.01 የ Android APK ነጻ premiumapkapps.blogspot.com your Android phone has been rooted can work for all functions in this weblog , all functions in my weblog is a full version and likewise you get .apk or .zip file get hold of might be very simple: ተፈላጊውን ፋይል ምረጥ እና ላይ ላይ ጠቅ ያድርጉ “Go መቆለፊያ አውርድ 2.01 ኤፒኬ የ Android ” Only some simple steps and also you is perhaps having enjoyable with Android Utility GO Locker 2.01 የ Android ኤፒኬ

Go መቆለፊያ 2.01 የ Android ኤፒኬ

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ምርጫዎች – Present current local weather with outcomes the keep leisure on
መቆለፊያ ትርዒት – Add all to your lock show and quick launch functions immediately from the lock ( applicable for all Android variations )
the protection of security with pin , pattern and
የእጅ ንቅናቄ – many themes with good kind launch , the kind of the iPhone , Android and class differing types previous your creativeness
lockscreen merely customizable to make personal

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Mannequin: 2.01
ስፉት: 4.ዜሮ ሜባ
የ Android ያስፈልገዋል : 2.zero or higher

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