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Google Fit APK ડાઉનલોડ

Get a more healthy and extra lively life with the brand new Google Fit!

It’s tough to know the way a lot or what sort of exercise you’ll want to keep wholesome. That is why Google Fit has labored with the World Well being Group (ડબ્લ્યુએચઓ) and the American Coronary heart Affiliation (કટાક્ષ) to convey you two new exercise objectives that may assist enhance your well being: motion protocol and coronary heart factors

• Transfer minutes
On the subject of your well being, it is necessary to maneuver extra and sit much less. Get motion minutes for all of your actions and get motivated to make small, more healthy modifications all through the day, તેના જેવું: બી. to take the steps as an alternative of the elevator or catch a pal on a stroll as an alternative of a espresso.

• Coronary heart factors
Actions that make your coronary heart extra pumping have large well being advantages for the center and thoughts. You get a heart-stopping level for each minute of reasonable exercise, similar to For instance, the tempo of operating your canine, and double factors for extra intense actions like operating. It takes solely 30 minutes of fluent strolling 5 days every week to attain the AHA and WHO beneficial ranges of bodily exercise, which reduces the chance of coronary heart illness, નિંદ્રા સુધારે છે, and improves total psychological well-being.

Google Fit additionally helps you:

આપની ટેલિફોન અથવા ઘડિયાળ માંથી તમારા વર્કઆઉટ્સને ટ્રૅક કરો
Get prompt insights whereas exercising and see real-time stats on your runs, સ્તરે અને બાઇક સવારી. Fit makes use of the sensors of your Android telephone or the Put on OS of Google Smartwatch coronary heart fee sensors to report velocity, tempo, route and extra.

તમારા લક્ષ્યોને પર દેખરેખ
See your each day progress for coronary heart factors and motion minutes. Day by day attain your objectives? Based mostly in your exercise and aim progress, Google Fit will provide help to alter so to proceed to problem your self to attain a wholesome coronary heart and thoughts.

Make all of your motion rely
Should you’re operating, ઓપરેટિંગ, or biking in the course of the day, your Android telephone or the Google Smartwatch Put on OS robotically detects your exercise and provides it to your Google Fit Journal. This may be sure that you obtain credit score for each transfer. Do you get pleasure from a distinct sort of coaching? Select from a listing of actions similar to Pilates, રોવિંગ અથવા ટર્નિંગ, and Google Fit captures all the center factors and minutes you deserve.

Get teaching that fits you
Get particular person suggestions and actionable teaching, દા.ત.

તમારી મનપસંદ એપ્લિકેશન્સ અને ઉપકરણો સાથે કનેક્ટ
Fit can present you info from lots of your favourite apps and gadgets for a holistic view of your well being so that you by no means lose sight of your progress. These embrace Lifesum, Google’s Put on OS, નાઇકી +, Runkeeper, ખોરાક, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, પાયો, Android તરીકે સ્લીપ, Withings, Xiaomi Mi bands and extra.

કોઈપણ સમયે તપાસી
See an outline of your exercise historical past in Fit and your built-in apps within the redesigned journal.

For extra details about Google Fit and a listing of supported apps, પર જાઓ:

Google Fit APK ડાઉનલોડ:

મોડલ: 2.12.43-130 (2021243130)
અપ ટુ ડેટ અંતિમ: કદાચ 12, 2019
ફાઇલ ડાયમેન્શન: 6 MB

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