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Centu Soul Android Download

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Centu Soul Android Download

Centu Soul Android Download:

“Sarvaturi, you are the last hope for humanity.
Be our Savior and save the crumbling world.

▣ Start of action theories of relativity.
Experience the real action that uses different equipment combinations
and companions regarding the characteristics and vulnerabilities of your enemy to attack them.

Your choice determines your action.
Enjoy a hundred soul full of exciting actions and battles.

▣ Everything to action. # 100 Action theories of relativity

Action is relative.
Examine the essence of action with 100 Action Theory of Relativity in the Hundred Soul.

Action Theory # 1. Your device selection determines the action
Try out different fighting styles with up to 100 different devices.

Action Theory # 2. Your selection fell on the action.
Fellow is your comrade on the battlefield. Each companion has different abilities and reacts differently to specific situations.

Action Theory # 3. Your control skill determines the action.
Action begins with your control. The best way to overcome extreme situations is to use your control skills.

Action Theory # 4. The timing determines the action.
The chances are hard to come by. Pay attention to the timing and do not miss the crucial moment.

Action Theory # 5. The behavior of your enemy determines the action.
Watch the behavior of the enemy. Watch for a chance and deal critical damage to your enemy.

▣ Attractive graphics
Look at the realistic graphics to the limits of the Unity Engine.
Experience the world of Hundred Soul with stubbornly detailed graphics.
exquisite character movements and dynamic visual direction.

This app needs access to the following permissions.

Photos / Media / Files: Saves files to run the game and capture and display screenshots and videos.
Phone: Use AppGuard to protect your phone.
– Contacts: Invokes contacts to retrieve account information for login.

You can not play the game if you do not approve the access permissions.
After you approve the access permissions, you can revoke them in the following ways.
Android v6.0 and higher: Settings> Candidatura> App select> Permissions> Disable permission.
On Android v.60: Uninstall the application or update the Android version to disable the permissions.

Contact information for developers:

Version: 1.0.2 (202)
Last aghjurnata: Nuvembre 10, 2018
Size File: 74 TB

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Centu Soul Android Download