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IFTTT APK үнэгүй татаж авах


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IFTTT APK үнэгүй татаж авах

IFTTT APK үнэгүй татаж авах

Applets bring together your favorite services to create new experiences.

гаруй 600 апп-ууд IFTTT хамтран ажиллах, Twitter гэх мэт, цахилгаан, Drive, чангаах, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and devices like Google Home, Амазоны Alexa, Хиймэл, Philips Hue, болон таны Андройд.

Enable applets and:

• Control everything around you with your voice and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Stay up to date on publications like The New York Times and ProPublica
• Stay prepared for the weather with custom daily forecasts
• Message roommates when you are near the local grocery store
• Receive notification when a new Craigslist entry matches your search
• Stay safe with automated and intelligent alerts for your home
• Таны нийгмийн хэвлэл мэдээллийн хэрэгсэл, журмууд
• Backup and share your Android photos automatically
• Back up important files, зурагнууд, and contacts to cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive
• Set your home thermostat to an optimal temperature when you arrive home
• Publish all your charts as Twitter photos or Pinterest pins
• Trigger events based on your current location

There are thousands of use cases! New services are added every week. Some popular ones are:

чангаах, цахилгаан, Spotify, YouTube-ийн, Google Calendar, Хэвлэл мэдээлэл, Халаасны, Square, Ebay, Giphy, Automatic, LIFX, Fitbit, Withings, littleBits, Google-ийн WiFi, Evernote, Reddit, Digg, Skype, Сул, LINE, MailChimp, Борлуулалтын хүч, Todoist and hundreds more.

Browse our curated collections for applets for:

• home, office and car
• Stay informed about news and politics
• your Android devices
• exploration of outer space
• Improve the use of social media

Do more with the services you love. Discover the possibilities of applets at ifttt.com/discover

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