Сюлэм дышетскыны Союз королевстволэн [Кирос] Скачать apk – Телефон понна умой приложение мобильный

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Travel through the magical and wondrous worlds of Disney in the first app for the popular KINGDOM HEARTS collection!
KINGDOM HEARTS Union X [Cross] APK Download

Journey through Disney Worlds!
The story of KINGDOM HEARTS starts here!
Meet faces you know and are new as you become the hero of your own personal story!

Fight next to an All-Star-Solid!
Faucet and swipe to make powerful attacks!
Equip character medals that include popular Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters to name their energy in combat!
Customize your tools and discover new ways to beat your enemies!

Куд-ог амалэн, мед шудоз.! Play real-time multiplayer quests with up to 6 friends!
Work with buddies to discover levels and find fearsome enemies!
Unlock the Coliseum by participating in story quests and fighting with others!

Specify yourself with customizable avatars!
An ever-growing selection of components allows you to design your own personal avatar!
Let your creativity run free and choose from seasonal, casual and character-themed avatar components to create a new look together!

Скачать королевстволэн Союз сюлэм χ [Кирос] компания ИНК

Котельников: 2.5.1 (29)

Дыр дырозь курадӟылон: Южтолэзе 26, 2018

Файл Быдӟалаез: 65МБ

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