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Download the latest version of Life is Strange APK file

Ndụ bụ Iju ngwa Download

Life Is Strange is a 5-half episodic recreation that allows participants to rewind time and have an impact on the past, ugbu, na-eme n'ọdịnihu site revolutionary akụkọ dabeere nhọrọ na ya pụta na egwuregwu.
Ndụ bụ Iju ngwa Download
Watch the story of Max Caulfield, a senior who discovers that she will be rewinding time while rescuing her best buddy, Chloe Worth. The couple quickly discovers the mysterious disappearance of their classmate Rachel Amber and discovers a dark facet of life in Arcadia Bay. Ma ugbu a, Max should quickly study that a change in the past can usually lead to a devastating future.
– A fantastically written fashionable njem ntụrụndụ;
Rewind time to alter the course of n'oge;
A ọnụ ọgụgụ nke endings relying on the alternatives you make;
Hanging, hand-painted visuals;
Distinct, licensed indie soundtrack na-agụnye Alt-J, Foals, Angus & Julia Stone, Jose Gonzales and mmezi.

Completely on Android, na egwuregwu comes with full controller aka. An all-new foto mode lets you take footage dị ka ọlị tupu, modify them with filters and simply share them. Ọzọkwa, ị nwere ike seamlessly share your progress on social media, na inyocha gị onye story decisions na na nwunye.

**Solely aka nkeji arụ ọrụ gam akporo 6.efu na aka OpenGL atọ.1. Requires ARM 64 and a ntakiri of two GB of RAM**

Examples of nkeji for a beneficial egwu nka. Decrease-end nkeji could have technical ihe, resulting in a lower than preferable nka, or not aka na egwuregwu in any respect.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and up, Leruo 5 na elu
Google Pixel and Pixel XL and up
Sony Xperia Z6 and up
HTC 10
LG V20, G6 and up
OnePlus atọ & 3T
Huawei P10 and up

** Evaluations and Accolades **
Life is Strange, Ndị mmadụ n'otu n'otu‘s Alternative Award winner na Worldwide Cell Recreation Awards 2018
5/5 “A must.” – The Examiner
5/5 “Something really special.” – Worldwide corporate bodies
One of the best games I’ve played in years.” – Forbes
10/10 “An impressive coming of age story.” – Darker
asatọ / 10 “Rare and valuable.” – edge
eight.5 / 10 “OUTSTANDING.” – GameInformer
90% “Dontnod went to great lengths to look after their work and it pays to pay attention to their work.” – silicone
8.5 / 10 “The climax of Episode Two is one of the most intriguing and devastating things I’ve ever encountered in a game because it’s so real, so understandable.Dontnod nails it. “- Polygon
four.5 / 5 “Life is strange has hooked me” – HardcoreGamer
asatọ / 10 “… has the potential to outperform both Telltale Games and Quantic Dream.” – Metro

Life is Strange by SQUARE ENIX Ltd


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model: 1.00.229 (100061)
Final kwalitere ruo ugbu a: July 19, 2018
File Dimension: 34 mb