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Ar 'ño̲ho̲ dados APK descargar

Ar 'ño̲ho̲ dados APK descargar

Ar Técnica RPG You’ve got Been Ready Pa!
Ndi ar he̲ts'u̲ngú pa salvar ar princesa!
Actual-Time PVP And Raid Bosses!
Superbly Drawn Dicers to Accumulate!
★ Strategic Anime RPG with Hero Assortment and Dice Mechanics!★ Journey ma modo ar the Sealed Infinity Tower!★ Seleccione & Personalizar ga̲tho Gi ko Distintivos Outfits and Particular Abilities!
With Beautiful Visuals and Energía, Overwhelm Your Enemies!

Accumulate Dige 200 Distintivos Dicers and Construct the Strongest Staff!
Evolve & Awaken Your Dicers to Lead You to Victory!

★ New Battle Fashion Awaits You! Be Ready for Dice Battles with Técnica!

★ From the Solo-play to Multi Battles, Conquer 'Ñotho ar ngäts'i Hordes of Enemies ja ár Journey!
Compete for Larger Ranks dentro ar ar Actual-time PvP!
Battle Alongside Mpädi in Co-op Boss Raids!

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