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Mafia Cidade APK

Mafia Cidade

★ ★ Real underworld technology cell recovery, play with thousands and thousands of players worldwide ★★
☆ Worldwide connection, no color, language or nationality variations and collectively compete to become the godfather.
☆ Clan, loot, occupy and break between gangs, intrigues, and compete for the honored seat of the King of the Mafias.
☆ Huge hardcore and extremely hectic mafia life. Wrestle for energy and fulfill your ‘Alphadream, you will not be able tostopto enjoy!
☆ Stay interactive lawn conflict, day-to-day combat year-round spherical.

Mafia Cidade APK Baixar
★ ★Sport options★ ★
☆☆ 3D HD Unity Leisure Motor, Endgame Display
Zoom characteristics, 360-degree multi-angle with an effective graphic image that is close to the current digital reality.
☆☆ Stay technology rallying
Come over! Together with brothers, we will eat and fight our enemy when sentences do not work.
Establish your clan’s powers and awaken these potential abilities.
If you do not destroy them here, they will destroy you tomorrow.

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☆☆ A single server around the world, along with a qualified translation system that successfully translates all languages ​​into one
Background and communication, problems not. Here are just brothers and loyalty.
Rule with brothers in every single place; To situate in the coast, to put intention for the huge east and in the world unite the gang.

※ 4 main options and over dozens of gangsters ready to be recruited ☆☆
✔ Bastão, nem mesmo a frase “Arma humana” pode descrever sua ferocidade. Para eles, conflicts are a simple lifestyle.
✔ Gunners pode balançar todos os tipos de armas, de metralhadoras, rifles de artilharia e mais.
✔ Ciclistas, com toneladas de locomotivas pesadas que transmitem, roubar e resolver problemas como o relâmpago. Sem dúvida um pesadelo para todos os gangsters!
Modified Car can be completed by a minivan to a Marine Hummer. Não há nada que não podemos mudar, apenas o que você não pode pensar em.

Mafia City Studio
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Serviço comprador – secretário (Secretary always to your aspect)

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