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Metal Slug Infinity APK Download

Metal Slug Infinity APK Download:

METAL SLUG returns, now available as IDLE RPG!

Clicker RPG mechanics encounter the Metal Slug story and their characters. Equip your units and fight with known Metal Slug characters as you collect tanks and use combat vehicles! Increase to your team while you move through increasingly challenging levels that will bring the nostalgia and excitement of Metal Slug to your mobile phone.

With the idle RPG game, you can manage and send your Metal Slug team on missions. Tap to play, manage your resources, and command your team. The action unfolds when you gather resources and turn on your team, click to control them, or watch how the RPG role-playing game itself is played.

Metal Slug is faithfully reproduced in RPG form. The 16-game graphics meets the visual effects and the style of the beloved of you action series, including the classic Metal Slug soundtracks.

In PvP arenas you can test the strength of your team against other players worldwide. Multiplayer Guild Wars bring you into a global conflict where your Metal Slug team is fighting for supremacy.

Metal Slug Infinity features

★ Metal Slug Mobile! ★
Metal slug characters like MARCO, TARMA, ERI and FIO return!
Tapping Game ActionDefend yourself against waves of rebels, guerrillas, aliens, mummies and zombies.
Save P.O.W. and be rewarded with gold and powerful boosts!
Action RPGspraying and praying with a heavy machine gun, kill enemies with a shotgun in a shot, Бул дүйнөдө келгиндер байыркы таш лоокторго менен AA ракета менен кол менен, асманды жабам.
– түп металл личинка тартып Ретро ойноо сүрөттөр жана музыка!

★ Clicker RPG! ★
– Сиздин команда жакшыртуу жана чексиз өсүшүн жана кыйынчылыктарды кубаныч
– Жакшыртуу жана кызып турган жана ал тургай системалар менен геометриялык прогрессия менен өсүп.
– оюн системасын таптап – ойноо жана жиберүү таптап.
– Сенек оюн – кайра отуруп, иш-аракеттерди көрүү!
– ekkorr боюнча жаңы RPG ылымдаш, популярдуу мобилдик чексиз чек оюндун иштеп, расмий SNK тарабынан.

★ Билды жана тундук Battle системасы! ★
The multiplayer combat system allows you to team up with other players and join in a variety of ways, кошуу менен: B. Exploration tours, building tactics and providing.
Asynchronous PvP battles against other teams.

★ Metal Slug Pet System! ★
Climb up and raise your slug!

Download Metal Slug Infinity down and go in a new, inactive Clicker style to the games back, you’ll love!

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версия: 1.0.40 (64)
акыркы: Май 3, 2019
File Size: 74 MB

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