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Microg YouTube vanced APK Lae: Hei poisid, te otsite rakendused, mis võimaldavad tausta esituse ja reklaamide blokeerimise YouTube'is? Kui nii, siis olete maandus õigele lehele. Sel juhendaja, we’ll show you how to download YouTube Vanced Apk on Android Phone and Install.

Microg YouTube vanced APK Lae

We are here with YouTube Vanced Apk. we all admit that advertising is so annoying and we all like to play favorite songs on Youtube while we chat with friends, play games on our smartphone.

I have good news for you. The YouTube Advanced application lets you play YouTube videos in the background. It also offers the ability to block ads.

The YouTube Vanced app is a modified version of the official YouTube app. Previously, it was called iYTBPInjected YouTube Background Playback.

What is YouTube Vanced:

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app. Previously, it was called iYTBPInjected YouTube Background Playback. It was launched by Master_T. If you’ve tried modules, you’ve tried all the features of YouTube Vanced. The idea of ​​Youtube Vanced comes from YBP.

YouTube Vanced APK offers amazing features like ad blocking, background playback, ja veel. We’ve shared more features of this app below

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Features of Youtube Advanced apk:

Ads Block: – Reklaamid blokeerimise funktsioon võimaldab kasutajal vaadata videot ilma tüütuid reklaame.
Kuula muusikat taustal: – See võimaldab kasutajal kuulata lugusid, kui Youtube app on minimeeritud.
PIP režiimis (Pilt pildis režiimis): – Pilt pildis režiimi nimetatakse ka PIP režiimis. PIP funktsioon aitab kasutajal vaadata videoid ujuva ekraani asemel split režiim. Videos on läinud minimeeritud versioone sirvimisel muudes rakendustes.
video eraldusvõime: – YouTube Vanced apk allows the user to select or set a standard video resolution to watch videos on Youtube.
You can zoom on all smartphones.
teema: – The Vanced app contains so many design options that can change the look and feel of the app.
Repeat video: – You can play a video over and over again. Just set the video in repeat mode.
Video Speed: – You can adjust the video playback speed.
Is not it a great app? We shared all features of the YouTube Advanced app. Without losing any more time, we go to the download section.

lae alla:

Siin jagasime hiljemalt Youtube vanced Apk 2018. Rakendus ei ole saadaval Play Store.

Mitte juurdunud seadmed: Lae alla Youtube vanced Apk

Mitte juurdunud seadmed: – Lae microg Apk

Paigaldada YouTube Täpsem APK kohta majandamata Android seadmeid
Selles osas, näitame teile, kuidas paigaldada YouTube Täpsem Apk mitte-juurdunud seade. jah, olete kuulnud õigus. Võite installida YouTube'i Täpsem rakendus majandamata telefonid.

Sellisel juhul, sa pead alla laadima ja installima täiendavat app nimega microg. See aitab teil sisse logida oma Google konto. Ilma pikema jututa, we jump into the guide.

samm 1: – First you have to uninstall the updates of the YouTube app and also disable the automatic update in the Play Store.

samm 2: – Download YouTube Vanced APk from the download area above.

Before proceeding, you must enable theEnable unknown sourceoption in your smartphone setting.

To do that:

On your Android phone. Open setting
In the Security Options setting, tap and tap.
Scroll down until you see Unknown sources.
Now tap the button Unknown sources.
A warning dialog asks if you want to allow apps to be installed from unknown sources.
Just press Yes to continue.
samm 3: – Now install the YouTube version of the advanced app like other normal apk files.

samm 4: – Download and install MicroG Apk on your Android Phone.

samm 5: – järgmine, open the MicroG app and sign in to your Google Account.

Tips: – After logging into your account. Then choose your preferred color by choosing Settings> Täpsemad seaded> Layout Settings.

Ongi!! Now you can watch videos and listen to music without ads. There are many more features available. Explore it and tell us about your favorite features of the Youtube Advanced app.

Download for Magisk Rooted devices:

ARM64: – Lae alla

ARM X86: – Lae alla

ARM: – Lae alla

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MicroG – YouTube Vanced by YouTube Vanced

MicroG YouTube Vanced APK Download here

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