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Microsoft جي برتري APK لاهيو: Microsoft جي برتري, هاڻي Android تي موجود, Windows لاء هڪ مسلسل برائوزنگ تجربو پيدا 10 انهن جي ڊوائيس وچان صارفين. مواد ۽ ڊيٽا ان جي پس منظر ۾ دوريون هم, پوء استعمال ڪندڙ ڊوائيس وچان برائوزر ڪري سگهو ٿا, without skipping a beat.

Microsoft Edge APK Download


Microsoft جي برتري APK کي Android لاء ڊائونلوڊ ڪريو:

Familiar Microsoft Edge features like the Hub allow users to organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter, making it easier to find, view and manage their content on-the-go.

Microsoft Edge is designed for Windows 10 users to browse the web how they need to, جتي اهي آهن, without disrupting their flow.

Continue on PC:

Go anywhere and pick up where you left off by seamlessly moving content between your mobile device and PC (requires Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update).

Data Sync:

Your favorites and reading list are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, your browser is always personalized to you.

حب ڏسو:

With your favorites, reading list, history and books all in one place, finding and managing your content is made simple.

Reading View:

Reorganize the content on a webpage to make it easier to focus on what you’re reading.

QR Code Reader:

Easily read QR codes at the touch of a button. Microsoft Edge will pull up the reading and information right onto your screen.

آواز ڳولا:

You can now use your voice to search the web. Ask a question or speak a prompt to use the web in more natural, واقف طريقن سان.


When you browse with InPrivate mode, your browsing data (like your history, temporary internet files, ۽ ڪوڪيز) isn’t saved on your PC once you’re done.
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