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MP3 ويڊيو Converter APK لاهيو:

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MP3 ويڊيو Converter APK لاهيو

MP3 ويڊيو Converter APK لاهيو:

You can convert video files to audio files (MP3, AAC) with various options (bitrate, metadata).

1. Supports different types of videos (3پي, FLV, MP4, وغيره.)
2. Supports different kinds of audio (MP3, AAC)
3. Supports editing meta information (عنوان, بياض, فنڪار)
4. Supports application-based integration. (اسان سان رابطو ڪريو)

* Only ARMv7 and higher are supported.
* Uses ffmpeg and mp3lame library.

نسخو: 1.9.57 (57)
آخري دفعو اپڊيٽ: مئي 12, 2019
فائيل جي سائيز: 9 ايم بي

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