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A legfrissebb változatát My Tamagotchi Mindig APK fájl

Saját Tamagotchi Mindig: Emeli a nagyon személyes Tamagotchi karakter, és ossza meg élményeit barátaival! Ön Tamagotchi karaktert akar a napi ellátás marad egészséges és teljesen elégedett.Saját Tamagotchi Mindig APK Download

Customize your custom Tamatown with items you want the most, then find a good ground to put on and let’s play Conceal & Keresés! Inform your character around the city to look for his employees, who hide around corners, in bushes and even in buildings. Discover all of them in time, which is manoeuvrable for the next stage. Collect money and bonus items scattered throughout the city to extend your rating and time. Let the search begin!

The phenomenon is now spreading with its first free recreational pleasure for cells like a whole new technology of caring for devotees!

Take good care of your Tamagotchi characters and watch them develop! Play mini-games, make friends, discover Tamatown, and customize outfits and the city for memorable moments that you want to share with your friends. Rely on the care you present, and the things you do, they will become totally different Tamagotchi characters as they evolve. And when you’re all grown up, help them choose the best career path, be it scientists, rock stars or detective!

Have fun with your Tamagotchi character: Play mini-games and discover Tamatown together by associating with Tamagotchi characters.
EXPERIENCE by playing exciting Conceal & Search games with your Tamagotchi staff in your area!
LEAVE your Tamagotchi characters from one type to another, depending on how you look after them. You certainly do not know who they will become later!
Share your favorite moments with your friends.
COLLECT Cash by enjoying mini-games and level-up!
Unlock delicious meals, cute costumes, and vibrant objects to beautify Tamatown.
COMPARE your development and Tamagotchi experience with your friends.
– Viszket a Tamagotchi karakterek – they love it!

Saját Tamagotchi Forever tele finomságokat és meglepetések készen áll, hogy megtalálja!

Letöltés My Tamagotchi Mindig by BANDAI NAMCO Leisure Europe

Modell: 1.four.1.1225 (1225)

Végső naprakész: április három, 2018

fájl dimenzió: 97MB