Orweb: የተኪ + የግላዊነት የአሳሽ v0.2.2 – APK ያውርዱ

Orweb: የተኪ + የግላዊነት የአሳሽ v0.2.2
Orweb: የተኪ + የግላዊነት የአሳሽ v0.2.2


Orweb is a privateness enhanced net browser that help proxies.
ማስታወቂያ: This app requires you to first set up and activate Orbot: Tor on Android app. Please set up that first: https://market.android.com/details?id=org.torproject.android

When used with the Orbot app, this net browser gives enhanced privateness options. By Tor, it prevents any individual watching your Web connection from studying what websites you go to, it prevents the websites you go to from studying your bodily location, and it permits you to entry websites that are blocked. It additionally blocks cookies, retains no native historical past, disables Flash, and requires solely Web permissions, conserving you protected from malicious content material. በመጨረሻም, past Tor, it may help any HTTP proxy server.

መለያዎች: tor, proxy, አስተማማኝ, ደህንነት, anonymity, circumvention, orbot, guardian mission, guardianproject