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Plex VR ដោយឥតគិតថ្លៃទាញយក APK:Plex រៀបចំមន្តអាគមរបស់អ្នកនិងបណ្ណាល័យប្រព័ន្ធផ្សព្វផ្សាយផ្ទេរឱ្យពួកគេទៅឧបករណ៍ណាមួយ – រួមទាំងវីដេអូទាំងអស់របស់អ្នក, តន្ត្រី, និងបណ្ណាល័យរូបថត. ជាមួយនឹងការ Plex លេខសំងាត់, មួយឧបករណ៍ចាប់គាំទ្រនិងអង់តែនឌីជីថល, you can also watch and record FREE wireless TV, including large networks. You can also enjoy Podcasts Plus Plex Newsthe most balanced and comprehensive personalized video news feed. Try Plex for FREE!

Plex VR ដោយឥតគិតថ្លៃទាញយក APK

Plex VR:

Magically organize all your personal media – រូបថត, តន្ត្រី, ខ្សែភាពយន្ដ, shows, even DVR-ed TVand stream it to any device on a nice, simple interface, and Plex adds rich descriptions, graphics, and other related information

• Podcasts are here! Search for your favorites or discover new ones through personalized referrals. បូក: 30-second jump, variable speed playback, rich Discovery and full Plex support for cross-device playback status (including On-Deck, so you can return to the point where you left off on each device)
• Receive personalized and trusted video news from over 190 global publisher partners (and growing!), Including CBS, Financial Times, Euronews, and leading local news sources for over 80% of US markets
• Watch videos stored directly on your mobile device or an SD card in the beautiful Plex user interface
• Enjoy premium features with a Plex Pass subscription: DVR & live TV, camera upload, premium photos, mobile sync, parental controls, VIP perks, និង​ច្រើន​ទៀត

Want to use Plex anytime, anywhere on all your devices? ទស្សនា for more information. ចំណាំ: If you have already purchased the app through the Amazon App Store or have a Plex Pass, you DO NOT need to buy it again! Your previous purchase will be automatically recognized.

លក្ខណៈពិសេសមួយចំនួនរបស់កម្មវិធីនេះត្រូវបានគាំទ្រដោយការផ្សព្វផ្សាយពាណិជ្ជកម្មផ្អែកលើចំណាប់អារម្មណ៍ដើម្បីរៀនបន្ថែមទៀតហើយអ្នកអាចរកឃើញជម្រើសរបស់អ្នកនៅក្នុងគោលនយោបាយភាពជាឯកជន Plex:


ការផ្សាយប្រព័ន្ធផ្សព្វផ្សាយផ្ទាល់ខ្លួនទាមទារ Plex ប្រព័ន្ធផ្សព្វផ្សាយកំណែម៉ាស៊ីនបម្រើ ឬខ្ពស់ជាងនេះ (ដោយឥតគិតថ្លៃមាននៅ ដំឡើងហើយរត់ទៅផ្សាយលើឧបករណ៍ផ្សេងទៀត. ការការពារមាតិកា DRM, អាយអេសអូឌីសនិង VIDEO_TS រូបភាពមិនគាំទ្រការថត.

GOPREMIUM មួយនឹងការ Plex លេខសំងាត់:

• កាត់​ខ្សែពួរ! ការប្រើទូរទស្សន៍ Plex ផ្ទាល់ & DVR ដើម្បីទទួលបានទូរទស្សន៍ HDTVs ឥតគិតថ្លៃដូចធនាគារជាតិនៃកម្ពុជា, ABC,, CBS and FOX with any supported digital antenna and tuner
• Enjoy parental controls, camera upload, premium photos and music, VIP perks and more


• Remote access and sharing
• Safety
• Extensive descriptions, graphics, ratings and more
• Take photos and videos from your camera on your phone to Plex apps on virtually any platform
• Remote Plex on your big screen with your mobile device
• Enjoy streaming any media on your Plex Media Server with other Plex apps
>> Restrict <<:

Playing media from your Plex library on mobile devices is limited (មួយនាទីសម្រាប់តន្ត្រីនិងវីដេអូ, watermarks on photos) until the app is unlocked. For full functionality, get a Plex Pass -OR- ធ្វើឱ្យតូច, one-time in-app purchase for app access

• No built-in Android player? គ្មាន​បញ្ហា! Use Plex as a go-to player for any file (locally and remotely from your Plex library) including MKV, ជា MP4, ម៉ូវ, AVI, WMV, និង​ច្រើន​ទៀត
Stay up to date with Plex News, a free, personalized news program featuring trusted local, national and international news sources
• Listen to your favorite podcastsno subscription or server required
• Full support for subtitles, including SRT, PGS, SSA / ASS
• (Plex Pass) Add movie trailers and extras to your collection
• (Plex Pass) Set the Parental Control to customize the experience of your family
• (Plex Pass) Synchronizes videos wirelessly with your mobile device for offline viewing

• Play almost any music file, including MP3, M4A, FLAC, ALAC and more
• (Plex Pass) Create automatic mixes with Plex Mix and Mood Mix
• (Plex Pass) Displays the lyrics for recognized music
• (Plex Pass) Sync music wirelessly with your mobile device for offline viewing

Plex VR by Plex, inc បាន.

សូមមើលផងដែរ: BubbleUPnP APK ទាញយក

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