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Download the latest version of Pocket City Free APK file

Pocket City Free Download APK

Construct вашата лична метрополия като the brand new mayor. Create residential, business, and industrial zones. Construct parks and recreation spots. Reply to crime and disasters. Гледайте си метрополия come alive!
Pocket City Free Download APK
No microtransactions or lengthy wait случаи! Every part is unlocked and rewarded по пътя на геймплей.

Pocket City re-imagines traditional метрополия constructing simulation gameplay for Android единици.

Construct a singular метрополия by creating zones and особен сгради
Set off приятен случаи like block събития, or disasters like tornadoes
пълен quests to earn XP and пари в брой
– отключвам superior buildings by levelling up
Unlock new land with completely different terrain sorts
Succeed by optimizing your пари movement, посетители на сайта, happiness, и екстра
Получите удоволствие от a dynamic метрополия с residents, автомобили, animals and animated buildings
Добави Вашият метрополия to the cloud to ключ to a different машина, or share with a добър приятел
– интуитивен, touch-based метрополия constructing
Playable offline
Play in portrait mode or panorama вид
NO microtransactions

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