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Pokemon TCG Онлайн APK татаж авах: Pokemon TCG Онлайн дэлхий даяар тоглогчдын эсрэг явж Гайхалтай тоглоом юм. Энэ нь татаж авахад үнэ төлбөргүй бөгөөд эхлэн, туршлагатай тоглогчид аль аль нь хүртээмжтэй байна. Players needn’t purchase anything by real money, they are provide with everything they need, and there are multiple means of earning new cards and other rewards!

Pokemon TCG Онлайн APK татаж авах

If you are a new player, санаа зовох хэрэггүй, all players are initially directed through a set of in-game Tutorials and then the beginning set of Matches in the Trainer Challenge before all game features are accessible. Upon logging into the Pokemon TCG Онлайн, players start their adventure at a virtual “Game Store”, where Trainers are welcoming them.

There are five primary Play modes available. These are Trainer Challenge, Versus Mode, Tournament Mode, Tutorial Mode, and Quick Match. Үүнээс гадна, Friend Battle and Play Testing are available under Friends in the Social menu and the Deck Manager respectively.

There are three currencies available in the Pokemon TCG Онлайн. These are Trainer Tokens, Event Tickets, and Gems. Only Trainer Tokens and Event Tickets are currently obtainable worldwide.

There are eight primary Reward systems include: Bonus Wheel, Daily Challenge, Daily Login Bonus, Daily Match Bonus, Game play rewards, Mystery Box, Special Challenges, Tournament Chests, and Versus Ladder. Additional game play reward systems are built into each of the four primary modes of game play: Trainers Challenge, Versus Mode, Tournament Mode, and Tutorial Mode. Take a look at all of the opportunities for you to earn rewards and bonuses in the Pokemon TCG Онлайн.

Game Features:

Эхлэх нь амар хялбар:

Өвс сонгоно уу, Fire, or Water decks, step right into a game, and learn as you go in an easy play experience.


Earn cards, нээлттэй өргөлтийн сав баглаа боодол, бусад тоглогчидтой худалдаа, and build the perfect deck around your favorite cards. Your collection grows with you!


Build your own decks, customize the look of your cards, deck boxes, and avatar, and join your friends online.

ТАНЫ ур чадварыг олгохын:

Play against the computer until you are ready to challenge other players.

Мөн үзнэ үү:-



When you feel your deck design is ready, challenge other players or join a tournament to show your skill and knowledge.

Pokemon TCG Онлайн APK татаж авах

хувилбар: 2.52.0 (3746)
Сүүлд шинэчилсэн: Наймдугаар сар 18, 2018
Файлын хэмжээ: 26 MB

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