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ProtonVPN APK Download

ProtonVPN is a free VPN service that does nu salajengna:
protects your privateness by hiding your IP tackle
idin anjeun ngotéktak bersih securely (even on public WiFi)
idin anjeun buka blocked/censored situs web
ProtonVPN APK Download
ProtonVPN is developed by nu idéntik pagawe of scientists who met at CERN and created ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted e mail palayanan. We created ProtonVPN to present journalists, activists, jeung on rutin residents unrestricted and tengtrem asup kana web.

Why ProtonVPN?


ProtonVPN is the ONLY free VPN service that has no privateness invading advertisements, no malware, no bandwidth limits, jeung henteu secretly promote nu meuli inpormasi. The free service is supported by optionally available paid plans that include tambahan servers and tambahan Pilihan.


Maintain Anjeun looking kaliwat sajarah personal. As a Swiss VPN supplier, we don’t log nu meuli exercise atawa dibagi inpormasi with third acara. Our proxy servers ngidinkeun nameless looking, protected by Swiss privateness legal guidelines.


ProtonVPN unblocks situs web and unlocks bahan eusi. buka sagala website, stream any bahan eusi, jeung narima ngamangpaatkeun any peer-to-peer (P2P) companies (paid plans solely). Use the web with out censorship.


urang tengtrem VPN sends your web datang loka via an encrypted VPN tunnel (ngamangpaatkeun the IKEv2 protocol), so your passwords and confidential inpormasi neundeun aman, even over public WiFi or compromised networks.


Not like béda VPN companies, we offer full transparency so you understand who’s operasi the service. Naha atanapi henteu éta difficult governments, educating the general public, atawa coaching journalists, kami geus well-known keur combating keur privateness dina garis and contributing to the open supply neighborhood.

ProtonVPN Pilihan


ProtonVPN has tons of of servers positioned sadaya world wide, bisa diasupan ku cara a single klik. All servers are on kaleuleuwihan Pace 1 Gbit or 10 Gbit connections. bebas konsumén can use servers in three bangsa.


Common VPN companies could be compromised if their servers are beneath surveillance. ProtonVPN prevents this by first passing nu meuli datang loka via urang Safe Core masarakat di privateness pikaresepeun bangsa like Switzerland and Iceland. kituna, even a compromised VPN endpoint server won’t reveal your true IP tackle. Safe Core is out there for ProtonVPN Plus & ProtonVPN Visionary konsumén.


keur kasalametan, ProtonVPN makes use of ciphers with Excellent Ahead Secrecy, which means that your encrypted datang loka can’t be captured and decrypted later, even when an encryption key bakal meunang compromised sooner or later.


ProtonVPN is a no logs VPN service. We don’t observe atawa file Anjeun web exercise, jeung subsequently, teu tiasa disclose this data to 3rd acara.


ProtonVPN Plus & ProtonVPN Visionary embrace Tor mantuan. With a single klik, Anjeun gé bisa route sakabéh Anjeun datang loka via the Tor masarakat jeung asup Onion websites.

What the world is saying about ProtonVPN

It’s worth noting here that ProtonVPN’s free service doesn’t implement data limitations or other caps, as some providers do” — VentureBeat

ProtonVPN looks to have an admirable goal of bringing an open, private internet to all. ” — CNET

The service, developed by MIT and CERN, promises to route all traffic through privacy-friendly countriesa great option for those who are looking for a secure VPN option, developed by reputable people.” –LifeHacker

Able to tengtrem Anjeun sel web? Get ProtonVPN for free and neundeun protected with the best Android VPN.

ProtonVPN – Free VPN made by ProtonMail by ProtonVPN AG

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