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SHAREit APK لاهيو

SHAREit, the best sharing app with quickest صليب-پليٽ فارم switch جي رفتار & واندو تي-ليڪ feeds گڏجي سان تحرڪ تصويرن, فلمون, موسيقي, wallpapers, تحفا. SHAREit وڌيڪ added انتهائي اثرائتي ميڊيا بهرو, which helps you رسيء & take pleasure in پنهنجي انفرادي فلمون and music.
SHAREit APK لاهيو

Quickest جي اندر World
200 instances quicker than Bluetooth, the very best جي رفتار goes جيئن جيئن گھڻو 20M/s.
صفا recordsdata ٻاهر سان shedding high quality.

صفا سڀ Forms of معلومات
Images, فلمون, موسيقي, put in ايپس ۽ ڪجهه ٻيا recordsdata.

► Infinite تي-ليڪ ڀوڳ
HD & Selective, Offline watching, Constantly تازه ترين

Glorious Video بهرو
مدد nearly سڀ codecs, provide you with Clean ۾ حصو وٺڻ expertise

Uncover Trending Music
Tens of هزارين مان سو of top of the range گيت, ۽ 1000جي of curated playlists. تي-ليڪ & Offline

► Elegant Music بهرو
انتهائي اثرائتي equalizer اڇن immersive experiences for you

►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers
Personalised, چرچائي, ڊائون لوڊ & کي مشهور ڪريو


سجاڳ رهSHAREit won’t جائز آهي permissions which might be irrelevant to our performance.
By accessing Location, SHAREit might help to find close by گراهڪن. گڏوگڏ, ان جي required by Android system to جائز آهي this permission.
By accessing Bluetooth Connection, SHAREit can uncover close by گراهڪن اضافو وهن in order مقرر ڪرڻ with Sender/Receiver اضافو effectively.

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ماڊل: چار.ٻُڙي.98_ww (4040098)
آخري تازه ترين: جولاءِ 30, 2018
عڪس ماپ: 14 ايم بي

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