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silent hill shattered memories psp iso

silent хилл: Shattered Recollections is a survival horror on-line sport developed by Climax Studios and revealed by Konami Digital Leisure for the Wii in December 2009. То је пренет на ПлаиСтатион 2 and PlayStation Moveable platforms, and these variations had been launched in January 2010. У априлу 2014, it appeared on the PlayStation Group in Europe. The sport is the seventh installment contained in the Silent Hill on-line sport assortment, serving as each a reboot of the franchise and a reimagining of the primary installment.

Shattered Recollections retains the premise of the distinctive sport�Harry Mason’s quest to hunt out his lacking daughter inside the fictional American metropolis of Silent Hill�nonetheless is about in a particular fictional universe, има посебан заплет, и измењен знакове, заједно са новим. 5 endings may very well be found. Гамеплаи одвија у два дела: кадрирање, први човек психотерапија сесија, и један овер-тхе-рамена перспективе Харри путовању по Силент Хилл, која се периодично прекинут учесталости смене на алтернативни димензију. Choices given to the psychological assessments contained in the therapy session impression completely different gameplay parts in Harry’s journey.

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Силент Хилл Схаттеред Мемориес ГАМЕПЛАИ

silent хилл: Shattered Recollections is a reimagining of the primary installment of the gathering, silent хилл. It retains the premise of creator Harry Mason’s quest for his lacking daughter after a automobile crash, though it leads right into a particular plot.The personalities and roles of characters from the primary sport have furthermore been modified and Shattered Recollections introduces new characters as efficiently.

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silent хилл: Shattered Recollections divides its gameplay between two absolutely completely completely different settings. The primary half is about in a psychotherapist’s workplace and the second in a metropolis typically often called Silent Hill. All through the primary half, учесник у интеракцији са Др. мицхаел Кауфман, терапеут који је нон-играч знак, из првог лица перспективе. The participant responds to Kaufmann’s questions and completes a psychological take a look at, fills in a questionnaire or colours footage. The participant’s responses to those assessments alters elements of gameplay contained in the second setting, together with the obtainable areas, телесни изглед и понашање ликова наишао, и телесни изглед чудовишта. Shattered Recollections returns to Kaufmann’s workplace periodically all by way of the sport.

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