Skype & & ግለፍጡር 4.56 ባለብዙ ቋንቋ

Free internet calls ውጭ ማዋቀር ጋር.

Download Portable Skype latest Online (zero.three MB) 02/07/18

ተንቀሳቃሽ Skype ን አውርድ 7 የመስመር ላይ (zero.5 MB) 03/12/15

In first display screen enter:

ማውጣት and run SkypePortable.

Multi-Customers: Edit SkypePortable.ini with Person=NameOfNewUser (Default is Skype)

Settings of put in Skype needs to be preserved.

Online translator for all your outgoing messages in Skype ውጭ ማዋቀር ጋር.

Download Portable Clownfish Online (zero.four MB) 21/07/15

ማውጣት and run ClownfishPortable.

Language set by launcher in accordance UserDefaultLang (if you do not need: write UserDefaultLang=false in ClownfishPortable.ini).

Settings of put in Clownfish needs to be preserved.

Do not block advertisements (by hosts): Edit SkypePortable.ini with AdsBlock=false (Default is true)

Do not forget to shut in systray when leaving.