Spotify ሙዚቃ .apk አውርድ | ተንቀሳቃሽ ያህል ጥሬ ኤፒኬ ምርጥ መተግበሪያዎች

Spotify ሙዚቃ APK ፋይል የቅርብ ጊዜ ስሪት ያውርዱ

Spotify ሙዚቃ APK አውርድ

Spotify is now free on ሕዋስኪኒን. Hearken to አግባብ ሙዚቃ, የትም እርስዎ ነዎት.
Spotify ሙዚቃ APK አውርድSpotify ሙዚቃ ዓለም መዳረሻ ይሰጣል. You can watch artists and albums or create an individual playlist of your favorite songs.Do you want to discover new music? Choose a ready-made playlist to suit your mood, or get tailored suggestions.

Pay attention for free on ሕዋስ
• Play any artist, አልበም, ወይም በውዝን ሁነታ ላይ አጫዋች ዝርዝር

Pay attention for free on ኪኒን
• Play any ቅኝት, በማንኛውም ጊዜ

Spotify Premium አማራጮች
• Play any ቅኝት, ከማንኛውም መሣሪያ ላይ በማንኛውም ጊዜ–ተንቀሳቃሽ, ኪኒን, ወይም PC
• Download music for offline listening.
እሰኛለሁ superb ጤናማ ጥራት ያለው.
• No ማስታወቂያዎች - በቀላሉ uninterrupted music.

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አባክሽን word: ይህ መተግበሪያ አማራጮች Nielsen’s ተመልካቾች መመጠን ሶፍትዌር ፕሮግራም which is able to mean you can contribute to market analysis, የመሰለ Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. In the event you do not እወዳለሁ ተካፈል, እናንተ ይችላሉ opt-out በመላው app settings. For more information about our digital viewer gauges and their decisions, http ይጎብኙ:// There you will find additional information.

Spotify ሙዚቃ Spotify ሊሚትድ በ.

በተጨማሪም ይመልከቱ

Spotify ሙዚቃ APK ፋይል የቅርብ ጊዜ ስሪት ያውርዱ እዚህ ጋ

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