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SuperStar BTS APK Lataa

BTS Rhythm UrheiluSuperStar BTS Lopuksi Launched!

SuperStar BTS APK Lataa

Worldwide SuperStar BTS Rhythm Urheilu ‘SuperStar BTS

# Comprises BTS songs
From BTS Debut Albums To Latest Albums! Pelata ne kaikki!

# BTS Card Assortment
Hankkia BTS membersplaying cards ja Parantaa että ylimääräinen upeita playing cards!
Charming BTS Signed Card and Prism Card! Hankkia Them All!

# The Aggressiivinen Mode For 7 päivää
Weekly League Rating Rewards!
energia Up Your Pelikortit! Attain To Increased Rating!

# New Missions kukin Day!
Asia selvä Day by day Missions! Stage Up? Further Missions Seems!
Accomplish Achievement To Obtain Bonus!

[Access Permission Rights For Smart Device App]

SuperStar BTS hereby asks you to grant permission to merkintä tietty apps in hyvä yksiköt toimittamaan the Service as set forth in these Sanonnat Palvelun.

*Required merkintä Rights*
Image (Pictures / Gallery) / Video / tiedosto : To save lots of a Urheilu tuntemus
Oppia, Document and Save at Exterior varastointi : To save lots of ääni toimittaa tuntemus cache and Urheilu valintoja
Gadget ID and Nimi Tiedot : Promoting Monitoring analyysi and Token Era For The Push Notification
Wi-Fi Connection Tiedot : To alus a message about Wi-Fi connection when there may be a further tuntemus saada
ID : Required forConsumer Tili Era ja Examine

[Access Permission Revoke]
asetukset > SuperStar BTS > merkintä Agree or merkintä Revoke

Visible asetus
If beatmap notes come down slowly, [GAME SETTINGS] – [Game Option] – testataLow Resolution

Ought to you may have minkä tahansa lisä- questions or requests, ole kiltti don’t hesitate to contact us mennessä avustaa.celebrity.[email protected]

[Dalcomsoft Support E-mail address for SuperStar BTS]
E-MAIL: avustaa.celebrity.[email protected]
Nimi : +82 070-4287-1522

SuperStar BTS by Dalcomsoft, inc.

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