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SuperStar BTS APK لاهيو

BTS Rhythm رياضتSuperStar BTS آخر ۾ Launched!

SuperStar BTS APK لاهيو

Worldwide SuperStar BTS Rhythm رياضت ‘SuperStar BTS

# Comprises BTS songs
From BTS Debut Albums To Latest Albums! انھن سڀني ادا!

# BTS Card Assortment
حاصل BTS membersplaying cards ۽ بهتر جي طرف اضافو وجهن playing cards!
Charming BTS Signed Card and Prism Card! حاصل Them All!

# جي جوش Mode For 7 ڏينهن
Weekly League Rating Rewards!
توانائي Up Your ڪارڊ رهي! Attain To Increased Rating!

# New Missions هر Day!
واضح Day by day سفيرن! Stage Up? Further سفيرن Seems!
Accomplish Achievement To نٿي ملي Bonus!

[Access Permission Rights For Smart Device App]

SuperStar BTS hereby asks you to grant permission to جائز آهي خاص apps in سٺو يونٽن to supply the Service as set forth in these اصطلاح سروس جي.

*Required Entry Rights*
Image (تصويرن / Gallery) / Video / عڪس : To save lots of هڪ رياضت علم
سکو, Document and Save at ڪاهن اسٽوريج : To save lots of آواز سامان جي فراهمي علم cache and رياضت هونديون
Gadget ID and Name Info : گهٽائڻ Monitoring تجزيو and Token Era For The Push Notification
Wi-Fi Connection Info : To ٻيڙي a message about Wi-Fi connection when there may be a further علم نٿي ملي
ID : Required forConsumer اڪائونٽ Era ۽ ٻڌڻ

[Access Permission Revoke]
جوڙ > SuperStar BTS > Entry Agree or Entry Revoke

Visible جوڙ
If beatmap notes come down slowly, [GAME SETTINGS] – [Game Option] – امتحانLow Resolution

Ought to you may have any اضافي questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us جي مدد.celebrity.[email protected]

[Dalcomsoft Support E-mail address for SuperStar BTS]
E-MAIL: مدد.celebrity.[email protected]
Name : +82 070-4287-1522

SuperStar BTS by Dalcomsoft, Inc.

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Download the latest version of SuperStar BTS APK file ھتي صحيح آھي

ماڊل: 1.1.5 (20)
آخري تازه ترين: جون 14, 2018
عڪس ماپ: 54 ايم بي