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Survival Heroes APK Download

Survival Heroes APK:

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Survival Heroes APK Download

Survival Heroes APK Download

Google Play Halloween Campaign – Creepy Updates You Can not Resist!
Did you hear the mystery and the scary laugh in the dark night? Yes, the witches are back at the Halloween event in Survival Heroes! Constructions in Avzar were influenced by the spell and the pumpkin heads are everywhere. Put on your special outfits and say hello to the Halloween Special Edition. Take advantage of Halloween World Chests. Could it be something scary or useful to improve your mount? Do not be afraid to download Survival Heroes now to find out!


OBA + Battle Royale
Get ready to play the most epic MOBA in history! It’s easy to get started and fun with the traditional MOBA game control. In Survival Heroes, every player in the Valley of Heroes starts the same. Grab your first weapon and fight fair with others, explore the vast land of dangerous creatures and prey! Be wary of bush and fog too, because you’ll never know what’s inside.

Choose your landing
Spawn in a spring No no no. In Survival Heroes, you can choose where to start, whether it’s a dangerous dangerous place or a remote area. Choose wisely, because you only get one life per round.

Pick up your equipment
You no longer have to buy equipment for your champion. In Survival Heroes only your luck and abilities are tested. To be a true survivor, you have to take the right gear at the right moment.

Various weapons and objects
Survival Heroes contains nearly 30 different weapons that give heroes hundreds of unique abilities to choose from. You can use the fierce firepower to kill everyone your way, or if you prefer the sneaky beak, you can set traps, lurk in the bush, and wait for your enemy to step on it.

Not just a MOBA, that’s MOBA Battle Royale
* Requires a permanent internet connection.
* Recommended specs to get the most out of survival heroes: Android 4.0 or higher and at least 2GB of RAM.

Contact us
The current version is not the final quality of the game as we will optimize existing content and add new features.

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Version: 1.3.0 (16)
Last updated: November 06, 2018
File Size: 76 mb

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