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Mans Tamagotchi Forever APK Free Download:Paaugstināt savu Tamagotchi rakstzīmes un koplietot savus piedzīvojumus ar draugiem! Jūsu Tamagotchi raksturs nepieciešama jūsu ikdienas aprūpi palikt veselīgu un laimīgu. Keep it labi baro, mazgā un izklaidē ⚽🏀, then meet other Tamagotchi friends in the city for more fun. But do not forget to put your character to bed!

Mans Tamagotchi Forever APK Download

Explore Tamatown in full AR (Augmented Reality), find your hidden friends and collect treasures and bonuses in the first AR-enabled Tamagotchi game!

Customize your own Tamatown with items that you like the most, then find a nice surface to place you and let’s play Hide & Seek! Guide your character around the city to search for its friends, who hide in corners, ar krūmiem un pat ēkās. Find them all in the time available to get to the next level. Collect scattered coins and bonus items in the city to increase your score and time. Ļaujiet meklēšanas sākas!

It’s been 20 years since the West fell under the Tamagotchi spell.
The phenomenon now spreads love for a whole new generation of caring fans with its first free mobile game!

Take good care of your Tamagotchi characters and watch them grow! Spēlēt mini-spēles, sadraudzēties, explore Tamatown, and make outfits and the city itself for memorable moments that you want to share with your friends. Depending on the care you provide and the things you do, they will develop into different Tamagotchi characters as they grow. Un, kad jūs visi uzauguši, palīdzēt viņiem izvēlēties labāko karjeras ceļu, whether scientist, rock star or detective!


Your Tamagotchi Character: Make sure you feed, mazgāšana, clean and turn off the lights for a good night’s sleep to stay happy and healthy.

with your Tamagotchi character: Play mini-games and explore Tamatown with other Tamagotchi characters.

by playing exciting Hide & Seek games with your Tamagotchi friends in your real environment!

your Tamagotchi characters from one type to another, depending on how you take care of them. You never know who they might be next!

unforgettable moments with your Tamagotchi characters and the friendly citizens of the city.

Your favorite moments with your friends.

Coins through mini-games and levels!

Delicious food, cute costumes and colorful items to decorate Tamatown.

your progress and Tamagotchi skills with your friends.

Your Tamagotchi characters – viņi mīl to!

My Tamagotchi Forever is full of surprises and is waiting for you to discover!


My Tamagotchi Forever can be downloaded and played for free, but some game items can be purchased. Ja jūs nevēlaties, lai izmantotu šo funkciju, disable in-app purchases in your device settings. The AR feature is available only on select devices supported by ARKit. Check the list of compatible devices by following this link:

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Mans Tamagotchi Forever by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

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