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Lavetaki ni galala ni APK ni TextNow:

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  • Textnow 2.0 Apk
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TextNow APK Download

Lavetaki ni galala ni APK ni TextNow:

Local US or Canadian telephone number
Give your friends your own phone number to call!

Unlimited text and picture messages
You can send any number of text messages to the US and CanadaFREE!

Unlimited calls to the US and Canada
Make unlimited phone calls to any number in the US and Canada for free!

Cheap international calls
Add money or earn free cash by making offers to your account and making cheap international calls

make and receive calls
Emojis, stickers and gifs
Full Picture Messaging: Vakauta na, receive and save pictures!
Voicemail transcription: transcript of your voicemail
– ID ni a qiri mai
PassCode: Keep your messages under lock and key
Google SmartLock: You do not have to remember your password
call forwarding
Signatures: Add your own signature to each text
Customizable text, ringtone and vibration
customizable backgrounds
Assign your own ring tone and background to individual contacts
Quick Reply to quickly and easily respond to friends
Home screen widget to launch TextNow, create a new message, or make a call quickly
Unified Inbox: Send and receive your texts directly via TextNowuse TextNow as an SMS app from a single source!
TextNow.comText too from your computer! All messages are seamlessly synced with your mobile device.

Is it really free?

There is no catch. No annual or monthly fees! It is completely free!

How can it all be free?

The app contains some ads. If you do not like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.

People who TextNow:

If you want an unlimited SMS without the costly, text-based SMS plans, Textnow is the right app for you.” 4/5 ratingAppAdvice

If you need an unlimited amount of text, we recommend TextNow as the preferred app” –AppAddict

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