Extracting with installers

It’s higly advisable to retailer all you portable apps in a PortableApps folder on the root of your drive (flash or laborious disk).

Doing so, installer will discovered robotically extracting path. If in case you have a number of drives with a PortableApps folder on the root, installer will choose detachable in reverse alphabetical order.

If you wish to use one other location, simply choose with “Pori…” button: at all times the identical, even for browser’s plugins.

Customized use

The launcher (*Portable.exe) backup native and restore portable settings earlier than launching app. When app is closed, it backup portable and restore native settings. Native settings are registry entries and information or total folders in host pc, portable settings are saved in Knowledge.

The launcher create and use *Portable.ini file customizable by consumer.

Disabling splash display screen

Though the splash display screen doesn’t delay the launch, you may disable it with:

DisableSplashScreen=true in *Portable.ini

It’s also possible to put your personal splash in Knowledge (should be .bmp with transparency magenta) and write:

SplashScreenName=MySplash in .ini (for MySplash.bmp)

Passing parameters

Launcher cross receipts paramaters to foremost exe:

  • a file dragged’n dropped on launcher shall be opened in portable app
  • a sort of file related to launcher (Open with…) in explorer shall be opened in portable app

To open a number of information by this manner, write:

AllowMultipleInstances=true in .ini

You possibly can typically add parameters in .ini with:


This function might be added on demand.

Different customization

Open an edit *Portable.ini to vary default settings: repair your self language, paths….


In irregular use you’re going to get some error messages:

Test if foremost exe exists

“…was not found in…” let you know that information anticipated should not in good location (if you happen to run launcher alone).

Test if foremost exe is operating

Anotheris running. Close…” let you know that one other occasion (native or portable) of foremost exe is operating.

You possibly can disable this test with AllowMultipleInstances=true in .ini.

Test admin rights

You are not allowed to write to the registry!!” can clarify that portable do not run or not correctly.

You possibly can disable this test with CheckRegWrite=false in .ini.

Test good exit

Last exit ofPortable did’nt restore settings. seems if Home windows crached or was shutting down whereas portable was operating: launcher didn’t have been in a position to restore native and backup portable settings and can do it earlier than a brand new launch (advisable acceptance).