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< ገጽ> VNC� Viewer connects your machine to a computer wherever in the world , exhibits its desktop , and permits you to administration . You might get hold of features , change settings , and entry data exactly as you stroll would be allowed to do had been you sitting behind that laptop computer, and using the keyboard and mouse
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VNC Viewer is from RealVNC , the inventors of VNC experience. It would in all probability hook up with any Residence home windows, የ Mac OS X , ሊኑክስ, or UNIX laptop computer working VNCapplicable Server experience. RealVNC recommends VNC 5 for robust, secure and high-quality connectors , and for its unmatched flexibility; free and trial licenses . For additional data, go to .

< ገጽ> Summary
Download VNC Viewer .
Buying and start VNCapplicable Server experience for the computer you want to administration , eg VNC
5. In case you’re connecting over the Net ( for occasion, by the use of 3G) , firewalls and routers to make defending your laptop computer and forward neighborhood communications to configure . Start with for additional data. In case you’re connecting over a WiFienabled private neighborhood equivalent to a LAN or VPN, it is best to be able to be a part of with out further configuration.
Uncover out the neighborhood deal with of the computer. In case you’re connecting over the Net, it’s going to possibly be that of a router. You moreover need a port amount if the VNCapplicable Server is listening on a particular than the standard VNC, 5900.
port Start VNC Viewer , set up the computer you want to administration, and be a part of !
Work collectively alongside together with your laptop computer as if sitting in entrance of the
Give connections user-friendly names , and see desktop previews. .
Pinch to zoom in on a particular house , or out to see all the picture.
Easy navigation, scrolling, dragging , and selection using regular contact, faucet and drag gestures.
mouse button mode for actual administration over mouse button and scrolling operations.
/ > Easy textual content material entry
vital noncharacter keys ( ሥራ , modifier , እና ስለዚህ ይወጣሉ ) accessible on a scrolling key bar.
Computerized optimization of effectivity.
Assist for show resolutions as a lot as 5120 በ 2400 ፒክሴል ( though the exact resolution is restricted solely by the memory of your machine) አንድ አካል መሆን
Prospects with VNC 5 with a Non-public or Enterprise license, moreover get pleasure from the subsequent essential benefits: .
Connections encrypted using 256- bit AES experience.
credentials protected by 2048 – bit RSA public keys.
System authentication to connect using laptop computer log on credentials.

Improved effectivity .
Assist for non-US keyboards.
/ > Swap textual content material between features in your laptop computer and machine
VNC 5 is in the marketplace for quite a lot of Residence home windows, የ Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX laptop programs. For additional data, http ሂድ://
< ገጽ> Connectivity: .
VNC Viewer permits regular ( insecure ) connections to:
VNC 5.x with a free license , from RealVNC .
የ Mac OS X 10.4 or later with built-in Apple Distant Desktop / Show display screen Sharing enabled ( System Preferences Sharing) . Please observe this does not apply to PowerPC Macs working 10.4 (Tiger) ; VNCapplicable Server experience put in in its place .
/ > AMX contact panels
third social gathering VNCapplicable servers .
VNC Viewer can secure ( authenticated and encrypted) connections to :
VNC 5.x with a non-public or an Enterprise license, from RealVNC . 30-day trials could be discovered.
Legacy VNC Enterprise Model 4.x, RealVNC .
Legacy VNC Non-public Model 4.x, RealVNC .

What’s on this version: (የዘመነ: ህዳር 18, 2014 )
ቋሚ: Opening the digital keyboard not causes VNC Viewer to crash on Android ( Lollipop )
Required Android O / S : 2.1
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