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VPlayer APK үнэгүй татаж авах:VPlayer ямар нэгэн хөрвүүлэх ч бүх алдартай видео болон аудио форматыг дэмждэг Android зориулсан видео тоглуулагч юм.

VPlayer APK үнэгүй татаж авах

Түүний ухаалаг үндсэн технологи нь автоматаар видео форматыг илрүүлдэг, Та зөөлөн эдлэх хялбар хийх, better quality video and music.

Video will become more and more important in the daily use of your phone, VPlayer allows you to watch all popular video formats on your phone or tablet with hardware acceleration for faster and smoother HD playback with unparalleled ease and comfort.

We promise you will love it when you use it. If you are looking for a better user experience and user interface for video player, VPlayer HD Video Player will be your good choice.

New featuresnow support FTP file transfer, you can use ftp to transfer computer files to the phone, mobile phone files can also be exported to the computer


support popular video format; avi, m4v, mp4, wmv, flv, mpeg, mpg, mov, rm, vob, asf, mkv, f4v, ts, tp, m3u, m3u8;
support most of the audio format; mp3, wav, wma, ogg;
Fast library scan. It will scan your mobile video so that you can manage videos more easily.
Intelligent file browsing system, easy to play each folder video
support multi-track audio and subtitles.
support automatic rotation, aspect ratio adjustment.
Support gestures to control volume and brightness.
support wifi transmission: no data cable to transfer files
Supports USB data transfer

Gesture function:

Vertical drag on the left side of the screen: Brightness control
Vertical drag on the right side of the screen: Volume control

VPlayer by DCTEAM

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VPlayer APK үнэгүй татаж авах

хувилбар: 7.0 (70)
Сүүлд шинэчилсэн: Есдүгээр 11, 2018
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