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XFINITY урсгал APK татаж авах

XFINITY урсгал APK татаж авах: Зөвхөн Xfinity ямар ч дэлгэц дээр цацахын тулд танд нэмэлт санал болгож байна. гэрт, эсвэл хаана аль ч систем дээр эрэлт хэрэгцээ оршин суух телевиз, Xfinity Watch. In case you’re an X1 or Prompt TV Cloud DVR buyer, you can too stream or obtain your Cloud DVR recordings to your system and watch anyplace.

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түлхүүр сонголтууд:
Filter by Accessible Out of Residence to look at greater than 200 channels of Dwell TV on the go from any obtainable WiFi or mobile connection within the U.S.
Select from tens of hundreds of TV exhibits and flicks obtainable for streaming On Demand. Filter by Accessible for Download to see packages obtainable for offline viewing.
X1 and Prompt TV Cloud DVR prospects can watch saved recordings from anyplace within the U.S. нь вэб холболтоор. Аль болох хурдан татаж авах талаар, movies will be considered offline—anytime, Хаа нэгэн газар (хамт онгоц нь, галт тэрэг, болон тээврийн хэрэгсэл).
Favorites on X1 now sync with the Xfinity Stream app. Зүгээр л сувгийг хяналт тавих, ТВ үзмэр, хөдөлгөөнт зураг, & спортын үйл ажиллагаа бүлгүүд Та сонирхолтой байна.
In case you have beforehand made a film buy On Demand, you’ll be able to take these purchases with you wherever you go, апп-аас зохих!
– нь одоо, кино хайж байна? Use the search perform to see whether it is obtainable On Demand or airing quickly.

үзнэ үү:-

Өвөрмөц In-оршин суух Options:
Watch stay TV streams out of your complete channel lineup when in your in-home Xfinity community.
Select from Xfinity full Video On Demand library, filtered to indicate solely the content material included in your subscription at no additional cost.
Stream rented TV exhibits and flicks proper to the app in the course of the rental interval.

– Найдвартай WiFi буюу видео Дамжуулах болон татаж авах хөдөлгөөнт вэб холболт.
Xfinity service with a subscription to a number of eligible channels to look at stay or On Demand video.
Xfinity username and password. Neglect your username or have to create one? See the assistance hyperlinks straight under!

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