YouTube Vanced (root) APK ჩამოტვირთვა Best პროგრამები Mobiles

YouTube Vanced (root) APK ჩამოტვირთვა

YouTube Vanced (root) APK:

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YouTube Vanced (root) APK ჩამოტვირთვა

There is no Play Store description in this version. Therefore we took one from the version

პირველი, modified YouTube app with ad-blocking feature.

YouTube Vanced is a new, modified version of YouTube that includes many features such as ad blocking, background playback and more.

YouTube advanced features
Features are the same in all versions. There is only a small difference in the non-root version because the package name had to change. Google Play Services will not play alone until you need to install MicroG for Vanced to log in.

Block all ads (switchable)
Background playback
Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
Override maximum resolution
Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
Casting Toggable (can be forced)
Switch Themes (შავი, Dark, თეთრი)
PiPpicture-in-picture mode (Oreo only)
Automatic repeat function
Preferred speed and resolution

YouTube Vanced (root) APK Downlaod:

ვერსია: 13.34.50 (1334502300)
ბოლო განახლება: ოქტომბერი,25, 2018
ფაილის ზომა: 34 mb

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YouTube Vanced (root) APK ჩამოტვირთეთ აქ